Sensing Grief Program

Your grief is sacred.

you hold it in your body.

whether you lost your person years ago, or your grief is fresh, you're in the right place.

Embodied Grief Support for whole person transformation. Programs and events for grievers. Courses and consults for therapists.

Your heart hurts, and so does your body.

You're experiencing grief, and not sure where to go from here.

You've talked at length about your grief (which may or may not have been helpful) and are curious to explore an embodied approach

You think this might be the healing you need, but want to try it out first before making a longer term commitment.

This package will give you the embodied awareness to help you decide what kind of support you'd like going forward

Connect with your body: Each session includes a combination of meditation, movement, art-making, writing and verbal processing. This will support you in listening to and following your grieving body.

Develop awareness: Many of us are cut off from our bodies and therefore our emotions (for lots of reasons). These sessions will awaken both the awareness of and curiosity about how your grief lives and moves. We can't support or change what we don't know. 

Gain clarity: Connecting to your body in this way will naturally develop your intuition and ability to trust yourself. This will help you make clear decisions about what kind of support you require in your grief going forward.

In Sensing Grief, you will...

Sensing Grief Individual
VIP Inclusions & Cost

30 min. intro call plus 3 x 60 min. embodied grief sessions

30 min. follow up call, to be used within 2 months of purchase.


1:1 Support

This is a sacred and intimate container to help you begin the process of connecting to your body in grief. By attuning to your body in grief, your will gain clarity about the support you'd like going forward. Whether you decide to invest in one of my longer term programs or not, I am honored to hold this container for the time we have together. 


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