Be held in your grief as you journey inward and beyond. 

Past-Life Regressions + Retreats

Your grief is sacred.

you hold it in your body.

whether you lost your person years ago, or your grief is fresh, you're in the right place.

Embodied Grief Support for whole person transformation. Programs and events for grievers. Courses and consults for therapists.

Awakening the Grieving Body is a one time, three hour event utilizing meditation, movement, sound healing and creative processing to give your grief the space to be held, nourished and move.

This can be bought as a one time event or as a package deal along with the 7 Week Course-Moving Through Grief: Sound and Movement Through the Chakras.

Awakening the Grieving Body

Past Life Regressions offer a powerful opportunity to create a sense of wholeness in grief. I guide you into a state of receptivity that allows you to travel back to the lives you were meant to visit and learn from.

After gently guiding you back to the present moment, I invite you to write down everything you experienced and then support you in verbally processing your journey.  

Past-Life Regressions

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